How Sinful Cutters Came About

My name is Cari Sanders.  I am first and foremost, a Wife and Mommy.  My days are spent with my two fabulous children.  My nights are spent driving my wonderful husband crazy with my baking/decorating.  I first started decorating cookies in February 2014, when I first tried making cookies for my daughters birthday.  I fell in love and have never looked back.  My love for all things cookie has grown and grown.  I want to be involved in all aspects of it and just continue to grow in my abilities.  And if I have anything that I can pass to someone else along the way, then I can feel like I have achieved something.  I designed a few cutters and just wanted to design more.  I bought my first 3D printer on a whim, and it hasn't stopped printing since I figured it out!  

  I have different sizes available for almost all of the cutters on the site.
All orders are made to order.  Please allow 3 to 5 business days for order to be shipped.  Large and/or custom orders may take 7 to 10 business days to be shipped.  
Domestic orders are shipped via USPS Priority 2 to 3 day or Priority Express Overnight.  This ensures your order will have a tracking number and will be insured.  International First Class, Priority, Priority Express and Global Express shipping is available for all International orders.