Circus Font POP-Ins® Numbers Only Cookie and Fondant Cutters Set


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**This listing is just for the Numbers Circus Font POP-Ins® set - NO letters are included**

3D Cookies are so popular and so beautiful.  But they can be daunting to get the letters and numbers to stay 'glued' and balanced using royal icing.  Now you can use these amazing Circus Font POP-Ins® Letters and Numbers without worry.  The patent pending tab built into the bottom of the cutter allows you to create your 3D letters and numbers and just pop the tab portion of the cookie down into a pre-cut slot in the base cookies and 'glue' into place with icing.  Once dry the cookies are more stable and a lot less prone to breaking while transporting/moving.  

And even better, if you don't want to use them for 3D cutters, just cut the tab off the bottom of the cookie and you have a regular alphabet set.  These are large 4.5" tall cutters with widths that vary depending on the letter/number.  The tab at the bottom of the cutters is 1/2" tall.  Once the cookie tab is inserted into the base cookies, the letters themselves are 4 inches tall.  

The sets come with cookie stick cutters for base cookies, but you can easily use any other plaque cookie cutter for your base cookies as well.  You can purchase the Letter and Number sets individually or purchase them together and save $20!

The number set comes with 10 number cutters, 2 tab cutters (one for 1/4" thick dough and one for 3/8" thick dough), one 2x5 inch cookie stick, number templates and step by step instructions..  The cookie stick allows for you to have a uniform base cookie, but you can cut it down to the size needed for the width of the letter cutter used.

Watch a Full How to Video 'Here'


All orders are custom made.  Please allow 10 to 15 business days for POP-Ins® sets to be shipped. 

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