Shiny Silver Edible Luster Dust - CK Products


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If you haven't tried this EDIBLE Luster Dust by CK Products yet, YOU HAVE TO!!! It is amazing and gives such a great shiny silver finish.  And it works amazing mixed with clear alcohol as a paint or even in your airbrush!  Don't forget you can easily use it in Dust Pumps too!

  • FDA Approved
  • Kosher
  • .25 oz container
  • Made in USA
  • Use to color fondant, buttercream, and melted chocolate
  • Brush on fondant and chocolate
  • Mix with clear alcohol to airbrush
  • Mix with clear alcohol, oil, or extracts to paint portraits.
**If purchased on their own, they will ship next day.  If purchased with cutters, they will ship within cutter print times.**