Super Medium Bags - 100 Count Tipless Piping / Pastry Bags


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**Shipping is weight based, and usually stays the same for 2 to 3 sets of bags.  Shipping may be higher on orders with Super Bags, but will not increase much with the addition of cutters and lesser weighing items.**

Introducing Sinful Cutters Super Medium Bags!  These are the piping bags you have been waiting for!  I got so tired of using piping bags that I had to fear would pop and destroy my work.  So I worked with a company I trusted to make these awesome bags.  I have designed these bags to be stronger, bulge and pop resistant, all while being easy on your hands.  These are the perfect size for piping or flooding.  There are 100 bags per package.

1.  I had them made with slightly thicker plastic to be bulge and pop resistant.  

2.  I had them made longer at 10" L x 7" W.  They can hold a little amount for detailed piping, or hold a lot to flood.

3.  They are great with super thick, thick and thin consistencies.

4.  The are excellent used tipless and strong enough to be used with tips.

5.  They are easy on your hands!

6.  Not just for cookies, these are great for cakes, pastries or any decorating needs you have!

"I love these new bags!! They are so versatile in that they can be used as tipless, but strong enough for tips and super stiff icing if needed, large enough for flooding lots of cookies, but also can be cut smaller for piping!  No need to have different types of bags! Love the feel and easy on the hands too. Great design Cari!" - Cindi Raven of 'Sugar Chat Cookie Studio'
**If purchased on their own, they will ship next day.  If purchased with cutters, they will ship within cutter print times.**